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EasyGas - Gas Certification Software

EasyGas is used to print Gas Safety certificates onto plain or company headed paper. EasyGas produces professional looking certificates quickly and easily. Certificates can be filled in onsite or at the office and then quickly printed or even emailed direct to your clients.

A range of Gas Safety certificates can be printed, including Landlord / Home Owner Gas Safety Record and Gas Warning Notice Certificate. All the certificates can be printed directly onto plain paper, along with your company logo and a scanned signature if required. Simply select the required certificate from within EasyGas and enter all the required information page by page, and click print.

EasyGas automatically fills in common fields for you, with complete print preview allowing you to see exactly how your certificate is going to look before you print it, certificate field validation, spelling check, all from within one program.
EasyGas Certification Software
  The range of certificates and reports currently supported are:
Domestic Gas Safety Record (Preview)
Domestic Unvented Hot Water Storage\Vessel Commissioning/Inspection Record (New!)
Central Heating Commissioning Certificate
Gas Breakdown/Servicing Record
Gas Service/Maintenance Check List
Gas Warning Notice (Preview)
Legionella Risk Assessment (New!)
Leisure Industry Gas Safety Record
Liquified Petroleum Gas Safety Record
Oil Firing Installation Completion Report (New!)
Oil Firing Servicing and Commissioning Report
Oil Firing Service Report (Non-domestic) (New!)
Oil Landlord Installation Check (New!)
Oil Storage Risk Assessment (Non-domestic) (New!)
Oil Storage Tank Spillage and Fire Risk Assessment
Oil Warning & Advice Notice
Safety Check for Existing Chimney, Flue Systems in Voids (Coming Soon!)
Catering Appliances Gas Safety Inspection Certificate
Catering Vehicle/Trailer Check Certificate
Gas Installation Safety Report
Gas Testing And Purging (Non-domestic) (New!)
Plant Commissioning/Servicing Record
Continuation for Appliances and Defects
Continuation for Chimneys in Voids Risk Assessment Checklist
Continuation for General Comments
Minor Electrical Works Certificate (Preview)
EasyGas is very easy to use and provides dropdown menus for commonly used items, saving you time when completing certificates. Your company information and engineer details are always filled in automatically for you each time, and certificate templates can also be setup that will list predefined information on your certificate each time you work with the software.

Attachments such as photos can also be added to certificates and printed with your reports if required. Continuation pages are also provided for additional comments to be printed with your report also.
EasyGas Certification Software

EasyGas Certification Software
Once your certificate is completed, you can email it direct to your client in PDF format by simply clicking on the Email button within the software. On completion, a certificate reminder can be setup within the software so that you get notified in 12 months time when the certificate needs retesting.

EasyGas Mobile for IPhone, IPad and Android

EasyGas Mobile Also Available!

EasyGas Mobile works with the EasyGas desktop software to record and input all results direct onto your phone to be then imported into your desktop software.

EasyGas Mobile saves time and effort by not having to write certificates by hand onsite. You only need to input the information once and you are set. The powerful EasyGas Mobile wizards walk you through each part of the certificate allowing you to enter the information as you go.

On completion of reports you can simply email certificates directly to your customer as a PDF or upload certificates over your phones data connection, which can then be instantly downloaded direct into the EasyGas desktop software. There is no messing around connecting your phone to your computer as everything is wireless making it quick and easy.

Click here for more information on EasyGas Mobile.

Listed below are some of the additional features also included within EasyGas software.

Email Certificates to Clients Add Photograph Attachments
Certificate Reminders Import and Export Certificates
Validate Certificates Add Comments Pages
Add Company Logos Customise Certificate Colours and Fonts
Add Scanned Signatures Online Web Backup
Outlook Address Book Integration Share Certificates using cloud system
Save Reports as PDF Files Postcode lookup system
Spelling Check Support for IPhone and IPad
Setup Certificate Templates Support for Android tablets!
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