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EasyCert is used to print BS 7671 BS 5839, and BS 5266 certificates onto plain or company headed paper. The EasyCert electrical software is very simple and easy to use and is the ideal choice for engineers producing electrical certification. It takes the time and effort out of writing certificates by hand, and lets the EasyCert electrical software produce professional looking certificates with ease.

The complete range of electrical certificates, fire alarm certificates, and emergency lighting certificates can be used and printed along with your company logo, a registered organisation logo and even an electronic signature if required. Simply select the required certificate from within EasyCert and enter all the required information page by page, and click print.

  EasyCert Electrical Software

These are just a selection of the certificates currently supported:

BS 7671 Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate (Preview) (Updated!)
BS 7671 Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report (Preview) (Updated!)
BS 7671 Minor Works Certificate (Preview) (Updated!)
BS 7671 Electrical Installation Certificate (Preview) (Updated!)
BS 7671 Electrical Installation Condition Report (Preview) (Updated!)
BS 5839 Fire Detection and Alarm System Certificates
BS 5266 Emergency Lighting Certificates
Solar PV Certificates
  For a complete list of all included certificates, click here.
As can be seen from the screen shots below, EasyCert makes your certificates look very professional, with very little effort.

EasyCert Electrical Software Report Preview
EasyCert Electrical Software Report Preview
A company logo can be setup within the software that can be printed onto all certificates as can be seen in the preview picture below. Complete customisation options are provided for specifying the size and position of your logo, including the option to setup multiple logos if required.

EasyCert Electrical Software Company Logo

A registered organisation logo can also be setup within the software that gets printed within your electrical contractor details as seen in the preview picture below. Any registered organisation logo can be used such as the NICEIC logo, NAPIT logo, or Elecsa logo. Full control over the size and position of the logo can be setup within the software, including the option to setup multiple logos if required.

EasyCert Electrical Software Registered Logo

Scanned signatures can also be setup for each engineer that can be printed directly onto all certificates as shown in the preview picture below. This then provides a complete electronic certificate which can be emailed direct to your client once completed.

EasyCert Electrical Software Scanned Signatures

EasyCert Mobile for IPhone, IPad, and Windows Phone 7

EasyCert Mobile Also Available!

EasyCert Mobile works with the EasyCert desktop software to record and input all results direct onto your phone to be then imported into your desktop software.

EasyCert Mobile saves time and effort by not having to write certificates by hand onsite. You only need to input the information once and you are set. The powerful EasyCert Mobile wizards walk you through each part of the certificate allowing you to enter the information as you go.

On completion of reports you simply upload certificates over your phones data connection, which can then be instantly downloaded direct into the EasyCert desktop software. There is no messing around connecting your phone to your computer as everything is wireless making it quick and easy.

Click here for more information on EasyCert Mobile.

EasyCert Electrical Software
EasyCert Electrical Software

Some of the additional features also included within EasyCert are list below.
Email certificates to Clients
Certificates can be emailed direct to your client to provide a complete electronic certificate solution which can save you time and money. Saving certificates to PDF documents is quick and easy saves you having to print your certificates.
Create certificate templates
Setup your own custom certificate templates that contain all the information exactly how you want it. Then each time you create a new certificate, all your information is automatically entered within the software.
Powerful Check-In and Check-Out Certificates
You can easily transfer certificates between your different computers that also have the EasyCert software installed using the Check-In and Check-Out system.
Maximum Zs Values automatically calculated
Save time by having Maximum Zs values automatically calculated when inputting circuit information.
Validate Certificates and Spelling Check
You can validate your certificates at any time and easily identify any errors or missing fields and spelling mistakes before printing.
Customise printer font style and certificate colours
You have full control of how certificates are going to look by changing certificate colours and fonts used on your printed certificates.
Certificate Reminders
Set reminders for certificates to have EasyCert notify you when a new test is due so you can notify yours clients.
Print Site Survey Forms
Print site survey forms onto plain paper that can be taken onsite with you to quickly and easily complete draft certificates by hand. Site Survey forms can then be taken back to your office to enter into the software directly.
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Updated to Amendment 3 2015!
All electrical software now updated to the BS7671 Amendment 3 2015.

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