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PAT - Portable Appliance Testing Software
EasyPAT is used to print Portable Appliance Testing certificates onto plain or company headed paper. EasyPAT produces professional looking certificates quickly and easily. Certificates can be filled in onsite or at the office and then quickly printed or even emailed direct to your client.

All certificates can be printed directly onto plain paper, along with your company logo and electronic signature if required.

A range of certificates can be printed for your records, including an appliance register showing passed and failed items, or print detailed reports showing test results and failed reasons for each appliance. Completion Certificates can also be printed to be given to your customer.
EasyPAT Portable Appliance Testing Software  

EasyPAT produces the following list of certificates and reports:

Appliance Register Report (Preview)
Failed Appliances Report (Preview)
Passed Appliances Report (Preview)
Passed and Failed Appliances Report (Preview)
Passed and Failed Appliances Report (Simple) (Preview)
Detailed Appliance Report (Preview)
One Appliance Per Page (Preview)
Visual Appliances Report (New!)
Appliance Notes Report (New!)
RCD's Report (New!)
RCD's Detailed Report (New!)
Microwaves Report (New!)
Completion Certificate (Preview)
Custom Reports Builder - Design your own custom reports (Coming Soon!)
A full range of test results can be entered for each appliance which can be seen in the screen shots below. EasyPAT provides many common dropdown menus when adding and editing appliances. This saves you time and effort by not having to type the same information each time. Attachments such as photos can also be added to appliances and printed with your reports if required.
EasyPAT Portable Appliance Testing Software
EasyPAT Portable Appliance Testing Software
EasyPAT also allows you to configure charge codes and repair prices for each appliance which can then be used to automatically generate an invoice to be printed for the customer. Different pricing schemes can also be setup within the software if you want to set different item prices based on how many appliances are being tested. The screen shots below show both the Test Prices and Repair Prices configured within the software.
EasyPAT Portable Appliance Testing Software
EasyPAT Portable Appliance Testing Software
EasyPAT also contains support for importing appliance details and test results from files downloaded from the following PAT testers:
Fluke 6500 (*.FLK) files
Kewtech KT74 (*.TXT) files
Megger PAT4V (*.ASC) files
Megger PAT420 (*.CSV) files (New!)
MemoryPAT (*.CSV) files (New!)
Metrel AlphaPat (*.OPT) files
Metrel BetaPat (*.OPT) files
Metrel BetaPat Plus (*.CSV) files
Metrel GammaPAT (*.CSV) files
Metrel OmegaPat (*.OPT) files
Robin 5500 SmartPAT (*.ROB) files
Transmille 6080 (*.TTX) files

EasyPAT Mobile for IPhone, IPad, and Android

EasyPAT Mobile Also Available!

EasyPAT Mobile works with the EasyPAT desktop software to record and input all results direct onto your phone to be then imported into your desktop software.

EasyPAT Mobile saves time and effort by not having to write certificates by hand onsite. You only need to input the information once and you are set. The powerful EasyPAT Mobile wizards walk you through each part of the certificate allowing you to enter the information as you go.

On completion of reports you simply upload certificates over your phones data connection, which can then be instantly downloaded direct into the EasyPAT desktop software. There is no messing around connecting your phone to your computer as everything is wireless making it quick and easy.

Click here for more information on EasyPAT Mobile.

Listed below are some of the additional features also included within EasyPAT.
Email Reports to Clients Spelling Check
Certificate Reminders Add Scanned Signatures
Validate Appliances Add Company Logo
Setup Pricing Schemes Import and Export Certificates
Replace Abbreviations Add Comments Pages
Print Invoices Online Web Backup
Outlook Address Book Integration Share Certificates using cloud system
Add Photograph Attachments Postcode lookup system
Save Reports as PDF Support for IPhone and IPad
Find Appliances Quickly and Easily Support for Android tablets!
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